Avoid touristy bubbles, read tips from local what is worth seeing in Prague I.

If you are in Prague and have some spare time for something extra besides sightseeing, I highly recommend to take a tram number 17, get off on Výtoň stop and visit Museum of toilets and chamber pots. Unique place! What it is not? Tourist attraction. Before I first time went there I basically thought it would be just another museum of curiosities. Simply the kind of stuff as torturing, sex or chocolate museums are…but the true is, that this is a real excursion into history of – let´s say – human digesting and emptying in general.

The collection currently comprises around 2,000 exhibits and it is the largest of its kind in the world!!! They present chamber pots of different shapes, materials and uses. Furthermore, there are also toilet chests, chairs, tabourets, coach closets and even painted water closets. From ordinary to magnificent and precious gems with their history, from America to Australia. You can see the chamber pots made for Napoleon Bonaparte, Lincoln, Chinese Emperor Qianlong, colonial silver chamber pot, the chamber pot of Countess Mathilda Nostitzs or a special collection of urinals, ladies’ Bourdaloue chamber pots, French wedding chamber pots and pots for dolls. The collection also contains literature, newspaper and internet articles, postcards, paintings and many other curiosities like flushers, toilet paper and miniatures. There are two floor of really fascinating artefacts and true curiosities, definitely wort visiting.

How to reach the museum? I highly recommend to combine it vith visit of Vyšehrad, a historical fort with history dating back to 10th century. Lovely place where you may happen to be completely alone, without armies of tourists and enjoy relaxing walk and stunning views as the fort is located strategically on a hill above Vltava river. On your way back, make a stop (approx. 1,5h) in the Museum of toilets and chamber pots, it is just nearby. You will love it. And you will love your toilet after visiting this place…

For details and opening hours of the museum, visit: www.muzeumnocniku.cz

P.S.: after seeing absolutely everything from A-Z about toilets, there was still one thing I was missing at the end…toilet paper in their washroom:)

Artistic peeing
This used to be a helmet of German soldier during WWII. And this is revenge.
Tailor made chamber pot – for Napoleon Bonaparte
No, this is not a soup bowl…it is a chamber pot from Lincoln´s bedroom…