Souvenir shops are everywhere downtown Prague, however the quality of presented items is in many cases more than poor. USSR fur hats, matryoska dolls, or I-Love Prague T-shirts are commonly presented as the best of what Prague has to offer in terms of souvenirs or gifts. This is what drives many Czechs (including me) crazy.

Are you planning to visit Prague soon? I bet you have heard a lot about this charming city, its history, sights and cheap beer. Maybe it is even on your bucket list! Yes? Then you should also know that Prague is not only beautiful, it is also full of touristy traps – basically just like anywhere else where travelers love to go. Let me take you through 4 practical tip for how to make your Prague stay more authentic. Learn with me how to skip the touristy circus.

Prague Behind The Scenes Tour

When I started to play around with the idea of starting my small local company, I would spend nights brainstorming on how to make my business stand out from my competitors. I believe I found several nice ways how to distinguish from them

For many Czechs, Christmas time is the most important and most beautiful time of the year. Loads of food, lots of alcohol and quite a few days off. It’s the best all-inclusive holiday time ever! Even though we are the most atheist country in Europe, we love Christmas. What Czech Christmas is like, you can learn everywhere on Google. I rather want to focus on some lesser-known, fun facts, traditions and habits we automatically do without even thinking about how funny or bizarre they can be in the eyes of foreign observers. So forget about shopping stress and have some fun while reading about a typical Czech Christmas.

Are you tired of those repeating information in your guide book, suggesting what to do and see in Prague? Check what locals recommend! You know Prague is not only THE CASTLE, THE BRIDGE or THE BEER. Add a new chapter to your itinerary: Prague authentic and less convetional!