Speaking about Czech cuisine can be a bit boring. It is a world wide known that Czech cuisine is unhealthy, vegetarian/cardiologist unfriendly but terribly tasty and always followed by pint of beer and change of your BMI. There are many of so called Czech restaurants around downtown Prague and it is sometimes really hard nut to find a good one, with nice food and pleasant service. The latter can be even more difficult. Prague locals usually don´t look up “typical Czech” places as they prefer to learn about flavours they don´t know much or prefer to taste something more unusual. So we explore. Sometimes real bizarreness.

The last two weeks in Prague have been terrible. In terms of weather. Extremely hot, simply unbearable and exhausting. Temperatures over 35° almost every day. The only places where we could cool down at least a little bit were metro, cellars or…waste water treatment plant. Have you ever been in place like that? And would you even think about going there? No? I will tell you why you should.

Sometimes it might be really stressful to find the right, original, affordable and simply great souvenir to bring back home from your travels. I know that from my own experience. I´ve traveled a lot and I have never been the „fridge magnet“ person as I always wanted to get something better. Which is usually the more difficult way.

If you are in Prague and have some spare time for something extra besides sightseeing, I highly recommend to take a tram number 17, get off on Výtoň stop and visit Museum of toilets and chamber pots. Unique place! What it is not? Tourist attraction.