National holidays in the Czech Republic

Are you visiting Prague soon? Make sure you know everything about national holidays in the Czech Republic. Holidays and anniversaries can affect opening hours, intervals of public transportation and services. Locals love holidays, however for tourists it can be a bit unexpected problem. Plan ahead!

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National holidays in the Czech Republic

There are 13 national holidays in the Czech Republic. The sliding holiday concept is not applied. If the national holiday falls on Saturday or Sunday, it is NOT moved on a working day.

Very confusing (even for locals!!!!) is the rule for opening hours during the national holidays. On certain holidays large shops bigger than 200 square meters (2153 square feet) needs to stay closed, while smaller ones can be open.

This stupid rule doesn´t apply on all national holidays in the Czech Republic and it makes the whole thing a bit tricky. Locals always need to double-check the current status somewhere online or on TV. Usually restaurants, museum and tourist spots stay open (besides January 1 when most of the places stay closed).

Bellow, I will mark all national holidays when shops larger than 200 square meters will be closed.  

List of the holidays

January 1 –  New Year’s Day (Also the day when Czechoslovakia was officially divorced in 1993. Since then we are two separated countries – Czech Republic and Slovakia). Large shops will be closed! Usually only small Vietnamese groceries will be open. Prague Castle will be open but museums, galleries, towers are usually closed.

Good Friday (the date changes every year according to the Easter).

Easter Monday (the date changes every year according to the date of Easter). Large shops will be closed! Restaurants will be open.

May 1 – Labour Day (and also our day of love, on May 1 couples kiss each other under blooming trees, try it!).

May 8 – Liberation Day (End of WWII). Large shops will be closed! Restaurants stay open.

July 5 – St Cyril and St Methodius Day. Cyril and Methodius were two Greek brothers who brought Christianity to the current Czech lands. It was back in 863. They also created lithurgical Slavonic language and alphabeth and contributed to the spread of Christianity throughout the country.

July 6 – Jan Hus Day. Jan Hus was a Czech Catholic Church reformer who was burnt at the stake on July 6 1415 for heresy against the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

September 28 – St. Wenceslaus Day. St. Wenceslaus (Sv. Václav in Czech language) is a patron saint of our country. Many places are named after him, for example Wenceslaus square (Václavské náměstí in Czech). Large shops will be closed!

October 28 – Day when Czechoslovakia was founded (1918). Large shops will be closed!

November 17 – Struggle for freedom and Democracy day (Velvet revolution, 1989), one of the most important and celebrated holidays in the Czech Republic!!

December 24 – Christmas Day (we celebrate Christmas in the evening of December 24). Large shops are only open until noon time!

December 25 – 1st Christmas Day. Large shops will be closed! Majority of restaurants usually stays closed as well.

December 26 – 2nd Christmas Day. Large shops will be closed!

Are you coming to Prague during the national holidays?

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national holidays in the czech republic