Prague local´s tips: 7 best locations where to enjoy stunning views and take amazing photos

Prague is lovely and fanscinating city. However, sometimes very crowded, busy and full of distracting objects, especialy people stepping into your photos. If you want to enjoy Prague in more tranquil atmosphere, I highly recommend to see the city from above: from hills, parks and towers. There are so many of them, so why not to take few extra steps and climb up! This blog post will help you to find the best locations from where you can enjoy stunning Prague views.

My name is Dana, local certified guide designing various itineraries and tours for Prague visitors. And these are my tips where to have the best Prague views. Enjoy!!


1. Old Town Bridge Tower

It is one of the top sights of Prague, masterpiece of local gothic architecture. However, not so many people know about a chance to walk up to its top. Since the entrance is quite tiny, people easily pass it by without knowing they can get in. It is definitely worth it to pay 100 CZK entrance fee. From the gallery/balcony there is a stunning Prague view. Old Town Bridge Tower is located at the foot of Charles bridge (Old Town side). It is usually empty, so don´t hesitate to walk up. You will see Charles Bridge under you and panorama of Prague Castle in the front.

Prague views from Old Town Bridge Tower Photo:
Prague views from Old Town Bridge Tower Photo:

2. Great South Tower Of St. Vitus Cathedral

People usually only go inside the St. Vitus Cathedral which is beautiful and majestic part of the 3rd court of Prague Castle. But there is yet another beautiful place to be discovered – the Cathedral tower. There is no elevator so you need to walk up nearly 300 steps and also pay entrance fee for this exercise – 150 CZK. Along the way to the top you can admire the biggest bell in the Czech Republic called Zikmund. If they want to make it ring, 6 people need to come to make it move!

Prague views
Once you climb up to the top…Photo:

3. Petřín Tower

Petřín lookout tower is located at the very top of Petřín hill, lovely park located close to Castle district (Hradčany) and Malá Strana (Lesser Town). There is a funicular going up to the hill. The funicular is part of public transport, therefore you can use any public transport ticket to get there. The ride takes aprox. 5 minutes. After another five minutes walking you will reach the entrance to Petřín lookout tower. The views from the top are amazing. Entrance fee 150 CZK.

One of the best Prague views - from Petřín lookout tower
One of the best Prague views – from Petřín lookout tower

4. Žižkov TV Tower

Žižkov TV Tower is an iconic element rising above Prague panorama. Visible almost from every angle of the city. With its 216 m it is the highest building in the Czech Republic. It is also known as the second ugliest building in the world according to voting on VirtualTourist website (first is the Mechanic Theater in Baltimore, Maryland). However, there are three absolutely cool parts of the tower that may convince you to visit it. Entrance fee 250 CZK.

1. babies – on the outer part of the tower you can find several giant babies crawling up to the top. Created by controversial Czech artist, David Černý.

2. observation desk – at the top floor is situated large observation desk from where you can enjoy great 360° views!

3. one room hotel – one of the tower´s capsula was redesigned into a hotel. The only one room hotel in the Czech Republic. 6-stars hotel!

Best Prague views
Žižkov TV tower is ugly building, however slowly becoming an icon and significant part of Prague panorama.


5. Letná park

Letná park is a huge green area separating downtown from peculiar and popular Prague distric called Letná (Prague 7), well known for its nice local bars, bistros and restaurants. The best spots for taking pictures and relaxation are: Letná beer garden, Metronome/Stalin, or Hanavský pavilon. No entrance fees.

Letná park - amazing Prague views
Photo from Hanavský pavilon at Letná park. Great spot for taking pictures!

6. Zahrada Na Valech 

There is probably no better (free of charge) view of Prague than from Na Valech Garden, located right at Prague Castle. You can reach the garden via two entrances: from the 3rd court of Prague Castle (where the Cathedral is) or you can walk there via east entrance to Prague Castle. This entrance is also great choice if you want to avoid huge line ups for security checks. Read more about the new security check at Prague Castle. Na Valech Garden is open during high season – from April til end of October. It is also final stop of my Prague Behind The Scenes Tour.

Prague views - Na Valech garden
View from Na Valech garden

7. Strahov orchard  

Strahov orchard is peaceful park connecting Malá Strana (Lesser Town) with Hradčany (Castle area). Walking this way can be a bit tough, but believe me, it´s worth the effort. Strahov orchard is very peaceful part of the city where you can relax, lay on the grass, have picnic and just enjoy your time away from crowds and city madness. no entrance fees.




Prague views - Strahov orchard
Strahov orchard and Prague downtown


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