Travelling to Prague: 4 changes you can expect after coronavirus pandemy. Learn how to benefit from them


Travelling will no longer be the same after coronavirus pandemy. Especially travelling in the near future. What can we expect and what will be the most significant changes in tourism? This blog post focuses on the new trends in post-covid travelling and show you how to benefit from them. Especially if you are travelling to Prague.

1. Travellers will be treated like kings and queens


Hotels, restaurants, tour operators, shops, services, basically all businesses involved in a travel industry will be competing like never before. There will be many special packages, discounts and deals for all “pioneer travellers” and travel industry will do it´s best to provide you with fantastic experience for unbeatable prices. You should definitely take advantage of this “time limited offer” 🙂 Is travelling to Prague on your mind? Don´t hesitate. If you want to see Prague less crowded and save some money on good deals, this is the right time to come. Borders to the Czech Republic are open from June 15, 2020. 

Travelling to Prague
Fresh Pilsner Urquell is ready!! You can enjoy it right next to Prague Castle on the patio of Kuchyň restaurant


2. Hotels will dominate the hospitality market


The near future doesn´t look very optimistic for platforms like Airbnb (it doesn´t have very good reputation in Prague anyway). That´s why hotels will now dominate the hospitality market. Reason? Travellers will insist on a guaranteed cleanliness and might require daily maintanance or more sophisticated ways of cleaning / sanitizing. Hotels have already implemented many new standards and can guarantee the highest possible service in this way. They also have enough staff to help you immediately in case of any doubts or special needs.

Accommodations providing immediate help and staff on site in case of any problems / concerns / emergency will be more popular, too.


Travelling to Prague
Travellers will insist on a guaranteed cleanliness. That´s why hotels will be more popular in the near future. Prices of hotel rooms will drop down, too.

3. Mass tourism is out of the game


Definitely, the heavy tourism like cruises and large group tours is a history all over the world. This concept of travelling will have to take at least one year break and wait until the vaccine is invented, Since the social distancng is now very much recommended as a prevention, travelling or touring with many people around you is still a certain risk and discomfort.

Small-group tours, private tours, customized experiences and off-the-beaten-path touring out of the busy places will be the preferred alternative – at least in the near future. People will not stop travelling. They will only require more from their guides and tour operators: safety first, together with great experiences and minimum uncomfortable measures. Just like before covid. 


travelling to Prague
Off the beaten path private tour with Prague Behind The Scenes, small local business offering original tours in Prague city center. Great way how to avoid crowds and enjoy sightseeing on your own.

4. Travellers will slow down and stay longer in one destination


People will try to reduce the time spent at the airports, on buses or trains where they can experience uncomfortable safety measures and go through the time consuming procedures (airports), That´s quite a waste of time especially when on holidays. Travellers will rather stay longer in one destination (city, country, hotel) and save their time.

Overseas travellers will visit less countries during one European trip. Most likely 2-3 max. Situation, rules and measure can change unexpectedly in any country and this may affect travel plans. As a resuls of slowing travelling down, tourists will have a chance to learn more about their chosen destination as they will stay there longer. They will also want to explore more of the country, not only one capital city and its highlights. This will increase the quality of travel experience. Since the situation in the Czech Republic is pretty good, travelling to Prague is very good and safe choice. See you soon!


travelling to Prague
Travellers staying longer in one country can explore more of the local hidden gems. For example Czech countryside. This lovely place is located only 2h driving from Prague. It´s called Kuks. You will be there almost alone. The building on the top is a local landmark – historical hospital for soldiers, now open for tourists. Guided tours are available in English. I also highly recommend visitng this vineyard (open for free) and taste local wines (bottle 250 CZK, info from June 2020). The views are stunning.


Dana | owner and guide for Prague Behind The Scenes, small group and private tours of Prague