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Prague Behind The Scenes is a business of one person, Dana Horalíková (founder, owner and guide). Services provided by this small local business are simple. Therefore also Terms & Conditions | Privacy policy file is concise, transparent and written in plain language to be easily understood.


Customers accept the Terms & Conditions and the Privacy policy at the moment of booking the tour.

By ordering Prague Behind The Scenes tour/walk you confirm that your physical condition allow you to participate in whole tour for amount of time stated in description (either on website or in e-mail in case of private tour).

Clients accept the tour scheme and will follow their tour guide. All clients agree to obey the instructions of the guide and agree to walk on pedestrian pathways and pedestrian crossings at all times.

Prague Behind The Scenes is not responsible for any losses, injuries or damages of their clients during the tour.

Clients has to come to the meeting point of the tour on time, otherwise Prague Behind The Scenes will consider it as no-show.

Prague Behind The Scenes is not liable for any delay or default in the tour caused by conditions beyond its control.

Clients are aware, that the scheduled tours (Prague Behind The Scenes 4,5h tour and Prague Behind The Scenes “Light version” 3h private tour) are not return tours and all clients are responsible for their way back. Their guide will assist them with choosing the best way. Pick up / drop off are possible for extra charge.


Clients who make the reservation via www.praguebehindthescenes.com / e-mail will pay for the service after the end of the tour. They can either use my portable card terminal or pay cash.


Tour goes in all weather conditions.

Clients are responsible to dress up properly, according to weather conditions and bring umbrella, rain coat, warm clothes, comfortable shoes, etc. to be able to enjoy the tour. No refund will be provided if people don´t feel comfortable due to rain, cold, sun.


WIFI connection via guide´s hot spot (portable LTE WIFI router) will be provided during the whole duration of scheduled tours as indicated in tour description.  In case of any technical issues, Prague Behind The Scenes (Dana Horalíková) reserves the right not to provide this service and clients can´t claim refundation.


If clients use any medications, they are responsible to bring these with them.  Prague Behind The Scenes is not responsible for any health issues due to missing medication. No refund will be provided if client can´t join/complete the tour due to missing medication.


Clients are wholly responsible for arranging their own insurance.

Czech Law

All participants in tours are expected to obey Czech laws and regulations and behave in a proper way to the rest of the group and the guide otherwise such a client can be excluded from the tour and no compensation will be provided. Prague Behind The Scenes will have no further responsibility towards such a client.

Alcohol and drugs

People under heavy influence of alcohol or drugs can be asked to leave the tour if their behaviour disturbs the group or the guide.

Changes made by Prague Behind The Scenes

Prague Behind The Scenes reserves the right to cancel a tour in any circumstances but always try to avoid this unless necessary. Clients will be contacted via e-mail or telephone as soon as possible.

Changes made by you

In case of any changes in the tour booking, everything must be confirmed via e-mail by Dana Horalíková, owner and guide for Prague Behind The Scenes. Whilst every reasonable effort will be made to accommodate changes and the additional requests, availability cannot be guaranteed.

Privacy policy / GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

All personal data provided by clients are considered as private. Prague Behind The Scenes (Dana Horalíková) now meets the high standard for data privacy introduced by the new European data protection law called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which goes into effect in May 2018.

  1. What personal data do I collect? Name, e-mail address, phone number. When making a tour reservation I always need your e-mail (that´s how you receive confirmation e-mail) and that´s how we usually communicate with each other. I also need your phone number but I almost never use it since this is just for unexpected situations (when I break my leg before the tour and can´t show you around, or if we can´t find each other at the meeting point, etc.). I also get your name. But it´s ok to provide me with a fake name/nickname as well, I will call you the way you wish.
  2. How and why do I collect it? When making reservation for my scheduled small-group tour you need to fill in a form where I ask you to provide me with your name, e-mail address and phone number. When you make a reservation/or communicate with me via e-mail/phone, I can see your e-mail address and phone number automatically. I need your contacts just for the purpose of the reservation, for the case I need to communicate with you about the tour. I never send my clients newsletters or any promotional materials. These personal information are also automatically passed on me through Like a local, Viator or Vayable – the websites I cooperate with. People can book my tour via their website which means these companies request and collect these information. I just automatically get them and use them only in case I need to communicate with clients about their tour.
  3. How do I use it? Only and strictly for our communication about the tour. The data are part of the booking form and are stored in the user interface of my website, in my business e-mail (dana@praguebehindthescenes.com) + copy of online reservation is automatically sent to my private e-mail (dana.horalikova@gmail.com).
  4. How do I secure it? I log out from my accounts. I am using the highest protection on my PC, paid version of AVAST Security Premier. I also use Avast Security protection on my phone. Access to my PC is secured by password. Access to my phone (everytime I use it) is secured by screen PIN code/face detection. Access to my website is protected by password which is not automatically saved, it needs to be inserted everytime I log in.
  5. Any third parties with access to it? No, I am the only person running Prague Behind The Scenes and the only person who communicate with clients. Also the only person using the secured PC/phone.
  6. How users can control any aspects of this? They don´t have to provide me with their contacts. I can also delete our communication and all booking forms.
  7. Who is the data controller? Dana Horalíková, founder, owner and guide for Prague Behind The Scenes. Phone number: +420 775 198 185. E-mail: dana@praguebehindthescenes.com

Personal data are not used to make automated decisions – such as for credit scoring, loan screening, profiling users or making employment decisions.

Providing personal data (e-mail, full name, phone number) is not mandatory.

Prague Behind The Scenes (Dana Horalíková) doesn´t transfer any personal data to the third parties.

Cookies policy

Prague Behind The Scenes website www.praguebehindthescenes.com uses cookies especially for simple analytical and performance reasons via Google Analytics tool. Every visitor of Prague Behind The Scenes website is informed about this fact via pop-up window.  

External links

Prague Behind The Scenes (Dana Horalíková) is not responsible for any content of other websites, including any website through which you may have gained access to Prague Behind The Scenes website or to which you may gain access from Prague Behind The Scenes website.


Upon mutual agreement, the tour guide can take pictures of Prague Behind The Scenes clients and use them for promotional purposes.