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Hi! My name is Dana, fully certified Prague guide and also owner of Prague Behind The Scenes, small touring company. I was born and raised in Prague. Sample kid of 80´s. Born in communism, living in democracy. When the regime changed in 1989, I was already 8.

Most of my life I have been breathing this local Prague air. However, I also spent some time abroad and have been traveling extensively. Besides Czech Republic, my second homes are Canada and Norway where I used to live.

Before founding my own business, I was many years working in PR, advertising and social media field. In 2010 I completed my full certification to become official and registered Prague guide. In 2022 I also passed my First Aid Course held by Czech Red Cross to make myself ready for any unexpected situations when guiding.

Dana & Prague Behind The Scenes

Authenticity is a word that describes me, my work and the way my small business is set. What does that mean? I will never offer you a touristy bubble, overpriced services or provide you with recommendation just for commission in return. Why? Because I am no way involved in the local heavy tourism which I find really sick sometimes.

I am an independent individual who enjoys personable approach and quality over quantity. My everyday goal when leading one of my tours is to show people my city through the eyes of Prague resident. In a less touristy way and with respect to amazing Prague genius loci.

I am happy to keep my business small, sustainable and local. And slightly different from what you can find elsewhere. If you wish to learn more about Prague, me and my work, please browse my Pinterest boards, Facebook or Instagram account.

This is me, Dana, Prague guide and also owner of a small local business called Prague Behind The Scenes