Souvenir shops are everywhere downtown Prague, however the quality of presented items is in many cases more than poor. USSR fur hats, matryoska dolls, or I-Love Prague T-shirts are commonly presented as the best of what Prague has to offer in terms of souvenirs or gifts. This is what drives many Czechs (including me) crazy.

Are you planning to visit Prague soon? I bet you have heard a lot about this charming city, its history, sights and cheap beer. Maybe it is even on your bucket list! Yes? Then you should also know that Prague is not only beautiful, it is also full of touristy traps – basically just like anywhere else where travelers love to go. Let me take you through 4 practical tip for how to make your Prague stay more authentic. Learn with me how to skip the touristy circus.

Sometimes it might be really stressful to find the right, original, affordable and simply great souvenir to bring back home from your travels. I know that from my own experience. I´ve traveled a lot and I have never been the „fridge magnet“ person as I always wanted to get something better. Which is usually the more difficult way.