How many days are enough for Prague? And what to see here?

If you ask me how many days are enough for Prague, I always say that 3 full days for a Prague first timer are minimum, 5 days are great and the whole week is absolutely ideal because you can also take a trip (or two) out of Prague. Maybe now I have answered all your questions. But if you wish to learn more about what to see here and why I think 5-7 days are a better choice, please keep on reading.

Who is writing this blog for you?

I am not a journalist or a travel blogger who has been to Prague for a weekend and knows everything best 🙂 My name is Dana and I have been living here my entire life. Besides writing this blog, I also work as a tour guide. Running my own tiny business called Prague Behind The Scenes – Small Group Tours and Experiences.

Dana, owner and the only guide for Prague Behind The Scenes tours. Yes, my business is small 🙂

What if you only have 3 days in Prague?

Absolutely no problem. I didn’t want to stress you out in the lead paragraph. Prague is definitely doable in 3 full days.

It´s just my personal feeling that this might be a bit too rushed. Why?

Because after the three days you become familiar with the city and more confident to explore it a bit deeper; e.g. return to a cozy café you saw on tour, climb the medieval tower for fantastic views, eat warm koláč pastry from the local bakery, enjoy a lovely sunset drink without rushing somewhere else….).

You know what I mean…it´s a vacation, not a race.   

3 days in prague
So, this is a fresh, warm pastry called koláč from Torto, family run bakery in the Lesser Town. My favourite breakfast with a view!

3 days in Prague: what is good to know before you come?

Each week in Prague has its specifics. If you are coming for three days, don´t forget to plan your itineraries around it.

  • Saturdays are not good for Jewish Quarter – the synagogues and cemetery will be closed (Sabbath).
  • Mondays are closing days in city museums and national galleries.
  • The best farmers markets on Náplavka are only open on Saturdays. They are completely closed during the cold months in winter (January, February…). But stay open during the Christmas time when people go shopping for Christmas presents.
  • On December 25 and January 1, most of the good restaurants and cafés are closed or have different / shorter opening hours or they are fully booked. Smaller shops, boutique shops, pharmacies, supermarkets are closed. We celebrate Christmas on the evening of December 24. The two following days are holidays and people stay home with families. Many tour guides are not working these days. I always say that the best time to visit Prague is before Christmas, not during Christmas because the Christmas holiday is always a bit chaotic here.  
3 days in prague
Way up to Prague Castle (number 1 highlight of Prague). If you don´t want to climb up the stairs, you can also take a tram number 22 or 23. The tram stop is called Pražský hrad and it’s the only stop announced in English: “Exit here for Prague Castle.”

What to see in Prague in 3 days?

These are my suggestion for what you can easily see in Prague during 3 days:

Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle gardens for stunning views (in spring, summer and early autumn), Charles Bridge, Kampa Island, John Lennon Wall, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock (climb up the Astronomical Clock tower), Jewish Quarter (visit the synagogues from inside + Jewish cemetery), Strahov Monastery (visit the Baroque libraries), Loreta, Powder Tower, Municipal House (if you have a chance, go for a concert or until September 2024 there is also a fantastic exhibition – Tim Burton artworks), Wenceslas Square, National Theatre, Rudolfinum, Klementinum (book a tour there).

3 days in prague
My tiny island and Charles Bridge. It ranks among the top 3 highlights of Prague. Together with Prague Castle and Astronomical Clock.

How can I help you…

If your time is limited and you still would like to see Prague in a more authentic way with a local, I will be happy to take you on a friendly, 3-hour private introduction tour. My clients say it’s best to do it on the first day but I will leave the decision to you:-)

It’s not the classic umbrella tour. I am focusing on the highlights but also on the fantastic hidden gems located in Prague´s back alleys.

how many days are enough for prague
Touring the Old Town via hidden, quiet back alleyes during my 3-hour introduction tour.

I am also always flexible for my clients – beer stops? Sure! Fresh pastry from a local bakery – let’s go! Vacation is not only about sights, following the umbrella and strict itinerary.

I want my clients to enjoy their time in ease and in a friendly atmosphere without rushing. That’s why we sometimes tour a bit longer:-) But that’s ok.

Here you can check reviews from my past clients.

Fresh Pilsner Urquell…after the tour.

So, how many days are enough for Prague? 5 – 7 days are ideal.

I know, I know. This is just my subjective opinion, you say. But honestly, after all the years working in the travel industry, I believe that 5 days in Prague are really the perfect length.

Besides the major and less known Prague sights, you will also have enough time for a trip outside of the capital. You can visit Terezín, Loket, Kutná Hora, Nelahozeves, Karlštejn, Křivoklát, Zbiroh, Český Šternberk to name a few.

And then of course plenty of time for culture, local events, tasting beer or shopping some original gifts. 

How many days are enough for Prague
5 – 7 days in Prague are absolutely ideal.

What to see in Prague during 5 days?


Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle gardens for stunning views (in spring, summer and early autumn), Charles Bridge, Kampa Island, John Lennon Wall, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock (climb up the tower), Jewish Quarter (visit the synagogues from inside + Jewish cemetery), Strahov Monastery (visit the Baroque libraries), Loreta, Powder Tower, Municipal House (if you have a chance, go for a concert or exhibition), Wenceslas Square, Rudolfinum (for a concert), Klementinum (book a tour there), Colorful Jerusalem synagogue.

5 days in prague
Jerusalem synagogue. The most beautiful synagogue in Prague.

Less visited places

Picturesque hidden neighborhood Nový Svět located 5 minute from Prague Castle, stop for a coffee at Kavárna Nový Svět or have a dinner at Vino Bona Restaurant.

Visit the National Theatre (see the interiors + expositions) and also visit the art expositions in Schwarzenberg Palace (old masters).

Troja Botanical Garden with local vineyards and taste the Prague wines; then stop for a lunch or drink at a hidden café called Karel.

Visit Vyšehrad and Gorlice hall to see the original sculptures from Charles bridge hidden it the original Prague fortification walls.

For architecture lovers – visit bars on Náplavka – for example my favourite Lab Space – zero waste bar and bistro. It´s inbuilt into the river embankment.

5 days in prague
LabSpace – a nice bar and zero waste bistro inbuilt in the river enbankment. Great for a sunset drink. Photo: LabSpace
3 days in prague
Picturesque New World (Nový Svět), only 5 minutes walk from Prague Castle.

7 days in Prague are a luxury but fantastic

I know it’s really a luxury to have so much time. But…if you happen to have a week, then you can see and do a lot here.

During one week you can enjoy all the above mentioned Prague sights, exhibitions and also one or two comfortable trips from the city. Many people want to see Český Krumlov, but they go there only for one day. However, most of the time they spend on the road (going there and the same day back). It’s so much better to stay there overnight. Other fantastic cities where it’s worth it staying overnight are Olomouc or Brno.

Winter sunrise at Prague Castle. This is my favourite spot for watching it (New Castle Stairs / Hradčany Square).

Wish you a lovely stay, no matter how long it will be!

If you think my content is worthy, you can support my writings by buying me a coffee. Thank you so much!

Dana, owner and guide for Prague Behind The Scenes | small-group tours and experiences.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to tour with me, I am a tiny business and you will always communicate directly with me:

5 days in prague

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