My 5 most favourite hidden gems in Prague Castle district

Let´s explore them together. It took me a while to reduce this list to only five:-) Because Prague Castle district is full of hidden gems. So, sit back and learn about them with me online. Once you come to Prague, you can go to check them on your own.

Who is writing this post for you?

Hi, my name is Dana. I am regular Prague local and also a Prague guide. But not the guide with umbrella, microphone and 50 people behind me. I am running my own tiny business called Prague Behind The Scenes. As mentioned before, my business is tiny, – just me – and I personally show my clients around in a less touristy way. What does it mean? Well, for example I will show you that Prague Castle district is not only the castle 🙂

I also only work with small groups or individual travellers in order to support sustainable tourism in Prague. On my social profiles you can see more of my work.

Sorry for this long intro, I just wanted to let you know that this post wasn´t is written by some paid travel influencer or someone involved in the heavy mass tourism. If you would like to see Prague´s hidden gems with me, please feel free to drop me a line at

1. Let´s start with something stunning. And perfectly hidden = no crowds!

hidden gems in prague castle district
View point close to Strahov Monastery, hidden in the park.

My favourite viewpoint! It’s called “Our Lady in Exile.” I

And where can you find it? Very close to Strahov monastery which is often full of tourists – but beautiful inside, don´t miss it out!

Later you can visit this viewpoint. It’s only a 10 minutes walk away from the monastery. And most likely you will be there alone. Just like me when I took all these pictures. This place is also great for watching the sunrise.

How to get there? If you don’t want to climb up the hill (15-20 minutes uphill walk) you can also take a tram number 22 or 23 and exit at Pohořelec stop. Then just walk 10 minutes mostly downhill and then take a path leading through the trees. Google maps know:-)

hidden gems in prague castle district
Guys, if you are brave, wake up early and come here to watch the sunrise.
hidden gems in prague castle district
I brought a breakfast:-) And a smiling nun brought here a candle to put it under a scupture of Virgin Mary in Exile. What a special morning!

2. Café Šternberk – a place where people with handicaps work

If you need some coffein before or after visiting Prague Castle, please stop here instead of Starbucks. This cute café is located only 1 minute away from the main entrance to Prague Castle!!! Seriously!

It´s called “Café Šternberk – Mezi Řádky.” And it´s open daily except for Mondays. They also have another branch in the Old Town. At Prague New City Hall. Same concept, two minutes away from the Astronomical Clock:-)

No crowds, no rush, fair prices and you will support a good cause. My tip: don´t miss out their secluded garden in the back (close to the toilet).

hidden gems
This cozy café is located only 1 minute from the main entrance to Prague Castle (from Hradčanské square).
hidden gems in prague
In the middle of the day – no crowds.
hidden gems in prague
This is the entrance, a lovely quite courtyard of Sternberg palace.

3. The oldest tree in Prague Castle gardens. Growing there since the 16th century!

hidden gems
As you can see, even the low wall had to be adjusted to its space:-) It´s an important guy!

Prague Castle is surrounded by beautiful gardens. They are open during the high season from April until the end of October. If you are here during this time, don´t miss them out. They are open for free and they are amazing. From the southern garden you can enjoy the best views of the city. And you can also find here the oldest tree in the whole castle complex!

It’s a yew tree growing here since the 16th century. Still healthy and still rocking although it has been many times hit by lightning.

hidden gems in prague castle district
This tree remembers a lot….
hidden gems in prague castle district
You will find it above the New Castle Stairs leading to Hradčanské square.

4. Picturesque Nový Svět quarter with cannon balls in house walls

What is Nový Svět? It’s something like the famous Golden Lane at Prague Castle. But larger, more authentic, less crowded and open for free 24/7.

This picturesque part of the city is a true hidden gem where locals actually still live. That’s why I wanted to kindly ask you to respect their privacy. And please treat this area with respect.

You will find Nový Svět only 10 minutes walk from Prague Castle. And you know what? In some places you can still see cannonballs in the house walls – from the Prussian occupation of Prague in the mid 18th century.

hidden gems prague
See the black spots? These are old cannon balls. Everything was extremely damaged after the attacks but people collected the cannon balls and during the renovation works they placed them back.
hidden gems
And this huge one you can find inside the nearby Loreta. On the Santa Casa facade.
hidden gems
Don´t forget to stop for a coffee and cake in this family run café (Kavárna Nový Svět). It´s basically just one room and balcony – tiny!!! But super cozy. The toilets are in the cellar, underground.

5. Chalk on the front doors – it´s not vandalism, it´s blessing!

While walking through Nový Svět, you may notice that some of the front doors of the houses are covered with letters and numbers. Written in chalk. What is that?  

This is something you can see all over Prague but here, in the Castle district, there is truly a high concentration of these door inscriptions.

No worries, it’s not vandalism. This is a Christmas tradition. On January 6 when we celebrate Three kings day, local kids dress up like three kings and walk from door to door and ask for money – to donate to charity. If people donate, they will receive a blessing for the house.

The three letters stand for initials of a latin phrase: (C)Kristus Mansionem Benedicat (KMB) = God Bless This House in 2024…. The inscription is written with a blessed chalk.

And that’s it. Prague Castle district is full of hundreds of tiny gems. You just need to slow down and look around. Wish you a fantastic trip to Prague and thank you for reading my blog.

If you think my content is worthy, you can support my writings by buying me a coffee. Thank you so much!

Dana – blogger and guide for Prague Behind The Scenes | Small-Group Tours and Experiences.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to see Prague with me (in a less touristy way)  

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