Souvenirs from Prague: 9 original gift ideas with Made in the Czech Republic label

The Czech Republic is very famous for its long tradition in glass making, Czech crystal is something absolutely world unique. Also, jewelry, especially Czech garnets, is a very popular gift from the Czech Republic. But there are also other original and less known things you can bring back home as great souvenirs from Prague. 

My name is Dana and I am a licenced Prague guide designing original (less touristy) tours of Prague downtown. With my services I strive to support sustainable and responsible tourism in Prague. No mass tourism. Besides guiding, I am also blogging about my hometown. Especially about all the less known things related to Prague tourism. Today about souvenirs and gifts from Prague.

Dana, owner and guide for Prague Behind The Scenes. Tours and experiences.

You can skip this if you are a fridge magnet person

I´ve traveled a lot myself and never been a „fridge magnet“ person. I always wanted to bring back home something authentic or unusual. Something what locals consider to be great. Not what souvenir shop owners think we should buy.

So, the first thing you need to do before your “souvenir hunt” in Prague, is to avoid the touristy places full of “I love Prague” T-shirts and fake absinthe bottles. Done? Welcome back to the real world. This is my personal shopping guide for what is worth buying while in Prague. With the Made in the Czech Republic label!

1. Net bags: did you know they are originally from the Czechoslovakia?

souvenirs from prague
Do you have friends who enjoy shopping at farmers markets? Someone who is into zero-waste lifestyle? Get them Czech net bag, light and affordable souvenir from Prague. Photo: Česká síťovka

Really! Net bag was invented in Czechoslovakia in 1926. By Mr. Vavřín Krčil, who had a successful business with hair nets (fine nets worn over long hair to hold it in place during sleeping), which he even exported abroad. However, later short hair came into fashion and he basically didn´t have enough customers. So, he got the idea to attach two handles to his hair nets and voilá, the very first net bag was born. Now, when single use plastic bags are completely out of fashion, net bags are extremely popular again. Get your first one in Prague. Practical, light, uncreasable and affordable souvenir from Prague.

Price: around 300 – 400 CZK (15 euro). The original Czech net bag (hand-made) you can get in one glass shop on Mostecká street, this is a street leading from Charles bridge. Address: Bohemia Crystal shop Mostecká 273/21, Prague 1. The shop is rather a souvenir shop but they have a huge selection of the net bags (on the top shelves above the counter). My recent discovery! Sometime my clients ask me to stop there during my tours. So I do!! See the happy face below!

souvenir from prague
One of my happy clients who just purchased 10 net bags during our tour:-)

2. Rybička: Cute Czech pocket knife every Czech has at home

souvenirs from prague
Czech pocket knife “Rybička” (little fish) – top cult product made in the Czech Republic. Photo:

Rybička (“little fish”) is a cute pocket knife with a handle shaped like a fish. We all had one when we were kids. Not for defense or fights but for cutting things like branches, mushrooms, fruit, veggies or to spread butter over bread when camping. This is an absolutely cult Czech thing even nowadays. Like Swiss army knifes in Switzerland. The difference between these two knifes is that our Rybička only has two functions: to cut and to be cute.  

Price: ca 180 CZK (7 euro). Where to buy it? The best location downtown is DIY shop Kutil Florenc, Sokolská 7, Prague 8.

3. Alpa: healing souvenir from a pharmacy

souvenirs from prague
Alpa is product that I swear by. The best thing is that you can buy it in every phramacy or drug store. Real and authentic souvenir from Prague. So much better than “I love Prague” magnet. I only love Alpa!

Alpa is a cult Czech product with a 100-year old tradition. Alpa is a brand of natural herbal embrocation which I use myself every time my legs are tired from long guiding. The basis of the embrocation recipe is an alcoholic solution of essential oils, volatile oils, fragrance substances, 19 herbs and natural menthol. It’s sold in the retro glass package and the design/recipe hasn’t changed since my grandparents were kids. It can be used for massages at rheumatic pains of muscles, regular massages, relief after hiking, for disinfection, mouth wash, foot perspiration, for inhalations, for mitigation of a number of unpleasant pains at joints and muscles, etc. You can buy it in every drug store / pharmacy. And definitely not only as a souvenir from Prague but also for your own usage after walking and sightseeing.   

Price: 60 CZK (2.50 euro). Where to buy it? In every drug store or pharmacy.

4. Deelive: Czech design from local artists

souvenirs from prague
Deelive focuses on the best of local design scene. From the newly introduced innovations, to icons of Czech design. I wouldn´t call these things souvenirs from Prague. These are valuable gifts and items representing the current Czech design scene.

If you are into fresh young design, I can highly recommend you Deelive design store offering original products of up & coming Czech / Slovak designers (glass, jewelry, 3D prints, clothing, porcelain, accessories, cosmetics, bags and much more). If you want to support the young generation of local designers, pay it a visit. Opposite to Deelive there is also a nice café called SmetanaQ with fantastic views over Vltava River and Prague Castle. Deelive design store is located only 5 minutes walking from Charles bridge. Very convenient.

Address: Smetanovo nábřeží 334/4, Prague 1. What I recommend to buy here: 3D printed vases of my ex university mate Martin Žampach or his glass ware called Bulb. I also like jewelery of Janja Prokič or natural hand made cosmetics JAGAIA.

5. Herbal tea made of the national tree of the Czech Republic

souvenirs from prague
Linden (tilia tree) is a national tree of the Czech Republic.

Souvenirs from Prague can be very healthy! Linden tree (Tilia) is a national tree of the Czech Republic. It´s a symbol of love, protection and help. When lindens are blooming, we pick the blossoms, dry them and make healthy herbal tea from them. Linden tea cures fever, helps with breathing problems or soothes when you have a flu. Linden tea is delicious with honey and a few drops of lemon. Lovely winter drink for cozy evenings at home. You can buy the dry blossoms in a small herbal shop close to Old Town square at Herbata, address: Dlouhá 612/6, Prague 1. Linden tea in Czech is called “lipový čaj”. Another option is shop called Sonnentor located close to Wenceslas Square or shop Country Life also close to Old Town Square.

Price: ca 100 CZK (4 euro)

6. Souvenirs from Prague supermarkets

Totally last minute thing. But why not. Affordable and easy to pack. One of the best souvenirs from Prague are the local retro sweets. For example Piknik (condensed milk packed in a metal “toothpaste” tube) or Antiperle (Czech Tic-Tac from the communism times). Or Metro dessert – a special dessert designed for Prague metro opening in 1974!!! You can buy them in every supermarket (Billa, Albert, Tesco, Žabka). They cost less than 2 euro! To learn more about them, please check my other blog post called Traditional and fun Czech sweets.

Or a blog about Metro dessert: Fun and cult Prague pastry designed for Prague metro opening.

souvenirs from prague
Piknik, condensed milk, you suck it right from the tube. It´s extremely sweet and soooo good. 

7. Chessboard made of old stage of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Upcycling in the practice. Amazing idea and absolutely authentic and original gift from Prague. Couple months back the stage of Dvořák´s Hall at Rudolfinum (home of the world renowed Czech Philharmonic Orchestra) underwent a replacement. Can you imagine the pile of wood? Wood with a story, recalling memories of thousands of concerts. The wood was sent to a Czech joiner´s shop (Truhlářství Zdar) where the skilled craftsmen designed a limited collection of beautiful chessboards. And the holes and scratches in them? That´s the best part – they come from the cello and bass endtips. Each piece is 100% original, different and comes with a practical cotton tote bag.

Price: 4990 CZK (limited edition, I went there last week and there are only 2 sets left in the storage!!).

Where to buy: right inside the Rudolfinum building daily between 2pm – 6pm.

souvenirs from prague
Chessboard made of stage from Dvořák´s Hall at Rudolfinum. The scratches and imperfecions come from the thousands of performances and endpins of cellos and basses…. Photo: Rudolfinum shop.

8. Honey made by a member of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra

Seat of the Czech Filharmonic Orchestra – Rudolfinum. With beehives on the rooftop.

In the above paragraph I was writing about the Czech Philharmonic Orchersta and here we go again! On the Rudolfinum building you can find beehives! According to regular laboratory research, the local bees are producing high quality honey. Because they are only flying to the nearby parks Letná, and Petřín – places without pesticides. The main bee-keper is Mr. Vácha, viola player of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra. The philharmonic honey you can purchase right inside Rudolfinum. Still available for 100 CZK in their gift shop!

souvenirs from prague
My first philharmonic honey!! Yes!!

Price: ca 100 CZK

9. Perfumed Prague: hand-made candles from an old pharmacy-like looking workshop

This tiny candles / interior perfumes workshop called Perfumed Prague is hidden in a cozy back alley close to Charles Bridge. Once you enter this tiny space, you will be surrounded by old pharmacy jars and captivating fragrances. It’s something between an old pharmacy, perfumery and alchemyst workshop. But no chemistry or artificial harmful ingredients. Only delicate fragrances and vegan / cruelty free soy wax.

gifts from prague

The owner is always present there and writes all the candle labels manually on a historical typewriter. And yes, you can take these candles on the plane. I brought them last year to Italy as a gift and had absolutely no problem with carry on luggage. My tip: before visiting this workshop, please olways check the opening hours and updates on FB / IG, they also organize various private workshops and the shop might be closed.

souvenirs from prague

Last minute gifts: Prague Airport Terminal 2, a special shop with local products

In case you really don´t have time for shopping, there is still a great place where you can get some unique local gifts. Prague Airport, yeah! I just recently discovered this place on my way to Rome. If you are leaving from Terminal 2, there is a shop called Future is local where you can buy Czech cosmetics, jewelery, glass, clothing, toys…all in one place. I highly recommend checking brands Kama (sustainable functional sport wear), Ababu (toys) and Almara soap (cosmetics).

souvenirs from prague
Prague airport, Terminal 2. In case you really didn´t have time for shopping, this is the last chance for buying some nice souvenirs from Prague:-)

Have a lovely time in Prague!

Dana, owner and guide for Prague Behind The Scenes | small-group tours and experiences.

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