prague food

The trouble is, that guide books, travel bloggers, magazines and tour guides constantly send people to the same places. And naturally, such places become super busy and touristy. So I did a little research and found these 3 hidden gems for you. Enjoy!

souvenirs from prague

This is a list of gift ideas you will not find in any touristy guide book – because I am not writing about Czech glass, Czech garnets, Czech beer or Little Mole… this is a list of something more unusual and maybe a little bit forgotten or underrated. Dedicated to all who don´t want to go with flow…

dos and do´ts in prague

Czechs tend to get irritated easily. Sometimes with very obvious stupid things, sometimes with unexpectedly silly details. Let me share with you 10 steps on how to get along with Praguers. 10 simple dos and don’ts in Prague.