Where to stay in Prague: 5 tips for hotel locations, sightseeing and friendly downtown neighborhoods

Are you coming to the Czech Republic soon and still not sure where to stay in Prague? Is the Old Town better than the New Town? Is it safe there? Will you need a taxi or public transport to get to the sights…? If you are overwhelmed by all the information available on the internet and still have questions, please stop browsing for a while. And read this article. It’s honest, personal and written by a local. Not by artificial inteligence or a travel blogger who was here for three days and knows everything best.   

where to stay in prague
Old Town, New Town, Castle District, Lesser Town….where to find the best accommodation?! 

Who is writing you this post?

My name is Dana and I know Prague like the back of my hand (maybe even better than artificial inteligence:-) How come? I was born and raised here. And I also work as a local guide. Running my own tiny business called Prague Behind The Scenes – Small Group Tours and Experiences. 

Besides guiding, I also enjoy writing this blog; where I am regularly sharing with you my tips for how to avoid local tourist traps. Today we will learn a bit about where to stay in Prague (and where rather not:-)

where to stay in prague
Dana, owner and guide for Prague Behind The Scenes – Small-Group Tours and Experiences.

1) Where to stay in Prague: best hotel areas for Prague first timers

If you are visiting Prague for the first time; let’s say for 2-3 days, you should definitely stay in the Old Town (Staré Město) or Lesser Town (Malá Strana). All the major sights will be within walking distance (Old Town Square, Charles Bridge, Jewish Quarter, Kampa Island, Powder Tower, Municipal House, Astronomical Clock…..) and you will not need a taxi or public transport. Just good walking shoes.  

where to stay in prague
Square of the Republic is a border between Old Town and New Town. In this neighborhood you can find BoHo Prague hotel, Andaz Prague hotel, Grand Mark hotel, Prague Marriott hotel or Hilton Old Town. Very conveniently located accommodation. This square is also a meeting point for many of my tours:-)

2) Where to stay in Old Town and Lesser Town?

Prague Old Town and Lesser Town are very small neighborhoods so you can imagine how crowded areas might get. Especially during the high season (April – October and the whole December).

Many people think that staying right on the Old Town Square is like winning a jackpot. Ooops, not really. I think it’s just a very expensive ticket to the touristy hell and mediocre, overpriced services.

I always recommend my clients a bit more authentic, residential areas that are not so noisy but they are still in the city center. Please check some of them below on this page.

Note: I don´t get any commission for recommending these places. I just researched them myself for my clients who often ask me about where to stay in Prague. Some of the places are also recommendations of my past clients.


Many of my clients enjoyed staying in the Old Town district called “Haštalská čtvrť” or “Na Františku.” I love these areas. These are secluded, quiet parts of the Old Town where I am often leading my tours, too. If you like picturesque, not crowded back alleys, away from the party hot spots, this could be a great choice for you. All the major sights are 5 – 10 minutes away (Old Town Square, Jewish Quarter, Powder Tower, Astronomical Clock, Municipal House…)

Very nice hotels in the Old Town are Hotel MaximilianHotel Josef Prague, Hotel Residence Agnes and Hotel Allure Prague.

where to stay in prague
Hotel Maximilian in the Old Town – away from the crowded touristy streets, yet still downtown. My clients enjoyed the location, comfort, good restaurants and cafés around and extremely friendly staff. Close to this hotel you can find one of the best espresso bars in Prague (One sip coffee), cute gingerbread shop (Perníčkův sen), also the longest restaurant in Prague (Lokál Dlouhá) and a Micheline star restaurant (La Degustation). And many cute streets without crowds. 
where to stay in prague
Hotel Josef in the Old Town. This is where I am always picking up my US clients who are cycling though Prague with Ride and Seek company. I always do a short communism / history tour for them:-) And I love this bright modern hotel designed by a renowned Czech architect Eva Jiřičná. It’s only a 5 minutes walk from the Old Town Square or Municipal HouseAnd it´ s a pet friendly hotel!
where to stay in Prague
Hotel Residence Agnes. Cozy home away from home. It’s located only 1 minute away from the Hotel Maximilian and Hotel Josef mentioned above. 
where to stay in prague
Hotel Allure is located in the Old Town, only a few steps from the Jewish Quarter. Also a minute away from Field – Michelin star restaurant.


The Lesser Town area is located on the other side of the river. Closer to Prague Castle and it’s truly a lovely part of the city center.

In this neighborhood you will be close to Charles Bridge, John Lennon Wall, Kampa Island, St. Nicolas Church, Petřín Hill, Wallenstein Garden…You will also find here picturesque, secluded streets, back alleys, gardens and parks.

If you consider Lesser Town as your location, make sure you choose your hotel in its lower part. The upper parts (closer to Prague Castle) are uphill!!! For example all the hotels on Nerudova street or Vlašská street are always a little hike! So, the closer to the river, the better.

Many of my clients loved their stay in Hotel Pod Věží. It’s right next to the Charles Bridge which may sound like a big trap but the hotel rooms are located in the back of the house (to reduce the noise from the outside). And it´s really nice! 

where to stay in prague
Hotel Pod Vezi means “a hotel under a tower” because it´s located right at the Charles Bridge entrance tower. Btw, from the tower there are absolutely fantastic views.

Another nice hotel is Aria Hotel close to the American Embassy or The Augustine Hotel Prague (former Augustinian monastery where they still brew their own dark beer called St. Thomas. It´s served in a historical refectory.The Refectory Bar is actually open to the public so if you only want to taste the beer, you are welcome to come!  Itś delicious and strong!

where to stay in prague
Absolutely delicious and strong – dark St. Thomas beer in a Refectory Bar (part of the Augustine Hotel)Refectory was a room inside a cloister / monastery where monks or nuns were dining together.
where to stay in prague
Refectory Bar is part of The Augustine Hotel. But it’s open to the public and anybody is welcome to come and taste their unusual cocktails or craft beer!!! The beer is strong but super delicious.

3) Where not to stay in Prague?

Some areas in the Old Town and Lesser Town can be extremely annoying, crowded, noisy at night and surrounded by silly souvenir shops and beggars. Safety is not the issue, Prague is super safe city, it’s just about your personal comfort and authenticity.

As a local, I don’t recommend staying on Karlova street, Nerudova street, Mostecká street, right on the Old Town Square, on Malé Náměstí or on Dlouhá street. These zones are the touristy circus par excellence. 

In the New Town, you can avoid Wenceslas Square and areas around the Main Train Station.

Crowds of people on Charles Bridge. Both ends of the bridge lead to two busy streets: Mostecká and Karlova. Try not to stay there. Otherwise you will experience such a procession under your windows every day.  The same happens on the Old Town Square.

4) Maybe you now ask – so what about the Castle district? And the New Town? Is it nice to stay there?


The Castle district is absolutely beautiful, safe, quiet (especially after 5pm) and rich in history…the only trouble is that it’s located on a hill…so basically everytime you go “home”, you will either have to take a tram / UBER or walk uphill.

It’s not for everyone. So, please just keep this in mind before booking your hotel there. I personally love the Castle district and love guiding there. But it’s a bit tucked away from other major sights, restaurants and city life.

The Castle district is almost like a ghost town in the evening. But beautiful if you enjoy peace, stunning sunrises and don´t mind the hill:-)

In the Castle district you can also find a great restaurant with a lovely beer garden (and the best Pilsner Urquell on tap). It’s called Kuchyň. Cheers!

where to stay in prague castle district
Stairs up to Prague Castle district. Right from here you can watch the best sunrise in the city!
where to stay in prague
My favourite beer garden above Prague – a part of Kuchyň restaurant. If you will be staying in the Castle district – or just visiting Prague Castle – don´t miss this place out.


Don´t get confused. New Town is not a new, modern part of the city:-) New Town was founded already in the 14th century.

New Town is a part of the historical city center listed on the UNESCO heritage list. It’s located on the same side of the river as the Old Town and it’s huge. That’s why the distances to various sights might be longer, too. Depens where you will be staying. Great locations are for example around Pštrossova street or around National Theatre.

The most important sights you can find in the New Town are: National Theatre, Jerusalem synagogue, National Museum, Wenceslas Square, Lucerna Palace and Dancing House.

where to stay in prague
Jerusalem synagogue is located in the New Town, Prague.

New Town is lively and busier. But there are also quiet, residential neighborhoods. For example “Petrská čtvrť” which is simply across the street from the Old Town. My clients usually stay here in Cosmopolitan Hotel or in Innside by Melia Hotel.

Room in Cosmopolitan hotel located in the New Town. But it´s only a short walk to the major sights of the Old Town (Municipal House, Powder Tower, Old Town Square, Jewish Quarter…)

Other great hotels in the New Town that are very close to the Old Town: 

BoHo Hotel PraguePrague Marriott HotelHilton Old TownGrand Mark Hotel and Andaz Prague, Hotel Cube

5) Airbnb or hotel?

I really like the former idea of Airbnb. But, unfortunately this idea is already gone…and Airbnb is a big business here. Not a business of individual owners but a huge business of various companies with unclear structures.

Airbnb is simply a problem here, it’s not regulated and locals are tired and irritated by their temporary neighbors – who often do not behave and only come here to party. Yes, this is a reality especially downtown and many locals are moving away from their homes….

That’s why I am a bigger fan of hotels. Real businesses giving work to locals and paying taxes.  

And that´s it. Wish you a lovely stay, guys! I hope I wasn´t too negative in the last paragraph. But unfortunately Airbnb downtown is a serious issue and it´s not just my subjective opinion.

If you think my content is worthy, you can support my writings by buying me a coffee. Thank you so much! 

Dana, owner and fully certified guide for Prague Behind The Scenes | Small-Group Tours and Experiences.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or want to see Prague with me. With my services I try to support sustainable and respectful tourism, not mass tourism. If this sounds like your style too, I will be happy to hear from you. I am an independent solopreneur, so you will always talk / write directly to me. Thank you for supporting small local businesses.  


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