Tipping in Prague: how much to tip in restaurants, bars, hotels and services?

Tipping etiquette in different countries is always like learning multiplication for the first time. It looks difficult but after some practice it starts to pop-up immediately. So how does tipping work in Prague / Czech Republic?  

My name is Dana, Prague local and also founder of Prague Behind the Scenes, a small local business helping Prague visitors see the city in a less touristy way. Besides guiding I also like writing. Today we will learn more about tipping in Prague.

First of all I need to say that tipping in Czech restaurants, cafés, bars is common practice. The staff is pretty much dependant on tipping as their salaries are usually very low. So please, if you were satisfied, it´s polite to leave 10 %.

Don´t forget that tips are never included in the final price. Shouldn´t be! Tipping etiquette in Prague says: please leave 10% as a tip if you were satisfied 🙂 Photo: Restaurant Lokál

Tipping in practice: how we do it?

Tipping is very easy in the Czech Republic. Tips are usually never included in the final price (shouldn’t be!) that’s why it’s polite to leave 10% as a tip. However, only if you were satisfied. Tipping is not mandatory. Rounding the bill up when paying is the most common practice.

How to do it: for example when the price of your meal is 363 CZK and you have 500 CZK note, just say you want to pay 400 CZK. The tip is then included and your server don’t have to give you back the small change (btw, that’s what they absolutely HATE – giving back all the small change which you will give them later anyway).

If you pay by card you can leave your cash tip in the bill holder or type it in the card terminal. We never leave tips right on a table (because you never know who can take it…). If the card terminal doesn´t allow adding tips, you can give your waiter a cash tip. If you were not satisfied with the service or with your meal you don´t have to leave anything. Just tell the staff why you were not satisfied.

Leaving 10% as a tip is common and polite.

Tipping list – how much to leave and where?

RESTAURANTS / BARS / CAFÉS: 10 %, the staff is dependand on tips. Their salaries are rather low. Very common is rounding the bill up. 

HOTELS: tipping is optional, but you should consider leaving some coins for room service, cleaning ladies, etc. 50 CZK is a nice and polite way how to say “thank you”. They work hard. You can leave it on a table inside the hotel room before you leave.

TAXI: no tipping, only when you need to pay cash, you round the bill up (e.g. your bill is 290 CZK, just say 300). Regular taxi drivers (especially downtown) rip people off. So no tipping! The best TAXI services in Prague are Liftago, Uber or Bolt. Tips are not expected.

GUIDES: tipping is optional, if you join a free tour where the guides are paid from tips only, you should leave them around 200 – 300 CZK / person. With private guides it depends on your satisfaction and the size of your group, or if he/she did something extra for you. You can give them from 0 – 500 CZK. But it´s definitely not a mandatory or expected (from fair tour guides).

SERVICES: like hairdressers, wellness centers, manicure, pedicure, swimming pool…again, tipping is not mandatory or expected. But it sometimes helps to round the bill up. For example when the price is 590, just say 600. it´s easier to give back the change . when you pay cash.