Best Prague views: 7 stunning locations for taking pictures or watching sunrise

Prague is a lovely and fascinating city. However, sometimes it is also very crowded, busy and full of distracting objects. Especially people stepping into your photos. If you want to enjoy Prague in a more tranquil atmosphere, I highly recommend seeing the city from above: from hills, parks and towers. There are so many! So, why not take a few extra steps and climb up! This blog post will help you to find 7 easily accessible locations from where you can enjoy the best Prague views.

Welcome to my website, I am Dana, fully certified local guide designing off-the-beaten- track tours for travellers who wish to see Prague in a less touristy way. If you prefer more authentic experiences and want to support sustainable tourism in Prague, please check my Prague Behind The Scenes tours. These are my favourite places where I take my clients.

best prague views
Dana, owner and guide for Prague Behind The Scenes.

1. Strahov orchard: 100% the best place for watching sunrise in Prague

Strahov orchard is a peaceful park connecting Malá Strana (Lesser Town) with Hradčany (Castle area). Strahov orchard is a very tranquil part of the city where you can relax, lay on the grass, have a picnic or enjoy the best sunrise in Prague. Surrounded by nature, away from crowds and city madness. No entrance fees, open 24/7 and part of many of my private tours, best spot for having a snack, drink or romantic breakfast (you just need to bring it with you:). You can easily take a tram up here, your don´t have to climb the hill.

My all-time favourite place for watching sunrise in Prague. Who will join me next time?

2. Petřín Tower: 360° views from our “Eiffel Tower”

Petřín lookout tower is located at the very top of Petřín hill, a lovely park located close to Castle district (Hradčany) and Malá Strana (Lesser Town). You don´t have to hike up there. Instead, use a funicular going up to the hill (single ride costs 60 CZK but with 24-hour public transport ticket it´s for free). The ride takes approx. 5 minutes. After another five minutes walking you will reach the entrance to Petřín lookout tower. To get to the top you can either walk (299 steps) or take an elevator (extra fee). Entrance fee 220 CZK (information from May 2023 + there are also many discounts for kids and seniors).

One of the best Prague views – from the Prague´s “Eiffel tower” called Petřín lookout tower. Did you know it´s standing in the same elevation level as her Parisian sister?

3. Charles Bridge Tower: your private viewpoint above the crowds

It is one of the top sights of Prague, a masterpiece of Czech gothic architecture. However, not so many people know about a chance to walk up to its top. Since the entrance is quite tiny, people easily pass it by without knowing they can get in and up. It is definitely worth it paying 190 CZK for entrance (information from May 2023). From the top balcony there is a stunning Prague view. Old Town Bridge Tower is located at the foot of Charles bridge (Old Town side) and it´s usually completely empty – unlike the Charles Bridge under you! One of the best Prague views 100% guaranteed.

charles bridge
Views of Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. From the top of the bridge tower. This tower is also great for watching sunsets in Prague. The tower doesn´t have a name. You will find it at the foot of Charles Bridge on the Old Town side.

4. South gardens of Prague Castle: holy grail for all photographers

There is probably no better (and free) viewpoint of Prague than Na Valech garden (Garden on the ramparts) located right at Prague Castle. You can enter it via a small gate called “Bull stairs” located on the 3rd courtyard of Prague Castle. That´s where the St. Vitus Cathedral is.  It’s gorgeous. Don´t miss it! Count with at least 30 minutes to see everything here. The garden is huge and offers amazing photo opportunities but also places for relaxation or afternoon snack or drink.

Opening hours: 10 – 6pm (April – October, closed during winters)

Prague Castle gardens is a final stop of my Prague Behind The Scenes tours. Feel free to join me!

5. Letná park: cold beer and fantastic views

Letná park is a huge green area separating downtown from the peculiar and popular Prague district called Letná (Prague 7), well known for its nice local bars, bistros and restaurants. The best spots for taking pictures and relaxation are: Letná beer garden, Metronome/Stalin, or Hanavský pavilon. My recomendation: start at Letná beer garden and grab a beer (drinking in the public is allowed), continue towards Stalin/Metronome viewpoint, and finish at Hanavský pavilon. You can just walk along the rim of Letná park to enjoy various views. No entrance fees, open 24/7, safe and well maintained.

Me at Letná park when Prague Behind The Scenes tours were awarded by Certificate of Excellence by TripAdvisor.

6. New Castle stairs: open 24/7, best in the morning

New Castle stairs are connecting Lesser Town with Hradčany square. For this little exercise you will profoundly be rewarded with the best Prague views. Especially if you make it out of your bed early in the morning. Before the crowds come. From here you can experience one of the most beautiful sunrises ever.  

Walk up the stairs from Lesser town to Hradčanské square. This is what you can expect here every single morning.

7. Great South Tower of St. Vitus Cathedral: stairway to heaven

St. Vitus Cathedral, beautiful and majestic part of the 3rd courtyard of Prague Castle. But there is yet another beautiful place to be discovered – the Cathedral tower. There is no elevator and you will have to walk up nearly 300 steps! But you will never regret. On your way up to the top you can also admire the biggest bell in the Czech Republic called Zikmund from the 16th century. If they want to make it ring, 6 people need to come to make it move! Tough shifts! 4 to swing the bell, 2 to manipulate the clapper. Entrance fee to the tower: 150 CZK.

Cardio workout, 300 steps to the top. Worth it? 🙂 Photo: Prague City Tourism

Dana, owner and guide for Prague Behind The Scenes | small-group tours and experiences.

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