Prague in one day: what to see and do

If you only have limited time in Prague don´t be stressed. Prague in one day is definitely doable, although I would suggest everyone to come here for at least three full days.

prague in one day

Who is writing this blog for you?

My name is Dana and I have been living in Prague my entire life. Besides writing this blog, I also work as a tour guide. Since 2015 I´ve been running my own tiny business called Prague Behind The Scenes and showing my clients Prague downtown in a less touristy way. Away from crowds and stereotypical routes full of kitschy souvenirs and noisy large tour groups. In this article you will find my tips + full photo itinerary for how to spend one day in Prague. And see a lot. Have a great stay!

Where to stay in Prague?

This is very importat thing while planning only one day in Prague. For such a short stay you should definitely book your hotel downtown. Prague city center is perfectly walkable and you don´t need a car or taxi to get around.

I suggest staying in Old Town or close to the Old Town. It´s not only conveniently located close to all the major sights but it´s also close to Main Train station (Hlavní nádraží) or Main Bus terminal (Florenc). This is especially important for everybody travelling from Prague to Vienna, Budapest or Berlin.

Prague Airport is aprox. 30 – 40 minutes away from the Old Town, depends on a traffic. Speaking of taxi, never take a regular taxi in the street, it´s one of the most expensive tourist traps in Prague.  

When to start exploring the city?

Early in the morning!!! No matter how long you are staying in Prague, it´s always fascinating (even for us locals) to explore Prague in the morning. I know it´s difficult to leave your warm bed and skip the hearty hotel breakfast but believe me it´s worth it.

Between 6 – 8am the city is most beautiful. During the day time many places in the city center are rather crowded especially Old Town Square, Jewish Quarter and Charles Bridge.

Prague in one day
Prague in one day, major sights and off the beaten path places – if you only have one day in Prague, you can join my introduction half-day tours.

Prague in one day: where should I start the trip?

There are two ways how to explore Prague: you can either start from Old Town and walk towards Lesser Town and from there continue up to Prague Castle or vice versa. Depends where you are staying.

Prague Castle grounds are open from 6am until 10pm.

There is no entry fee to Prague Castle grounds (courtyards and gardens). Since you only have limited time in Prague, don´t go to the interiours, you will spend there at least 2,5h. Just walk around the countryards, see St. Vitus Cathedral, gardens and St. Wenceslas vineyard. Before you enter Prague Castle grounds make sure you don´t  have any guns, knifes or drone with you – there are random security checks.

Prague in one day
Prague Castle is located on a hilly part of Prague. You can either walk up the stairs or take a tram number 22. The tram stop is called “Pražský hrad”.

Where to finish?

If you are not too tired I suggest to finish your day at Letná beer garden. You can enjoy fantastic views here, have a beer and relax after whole day walking. If the weather is good, feel free to stay here til the sunset to see Prague lighted up. Warm summer nights are fantastic here.

What to avoid?

With such a limited time I suggest to skip museums and interiours of historical buildings. The only place worth stopping is: Charles Bridge Old Town Tower (open from 10am, entrance fee 180 CZK / person). There are fantastic views. Another thing you should definitely skip is Trdelník (chimney cake). So called typical Czech pastry. Trdelník is another famous tourist trap.

Prague in one day
Views from Old Town Bridge tower are stunning. Entrance fee 150 CZK / person.

Prague in one day – full itinerary

Prague in one day
Make sure your first stop is Náměstí Republiky to see Powder Tower and beautiful Art Nouveau building called Municipal house. Powder tower is open to public – on the first opening hour there is a 50% discount on the entry. From the top balcony there is a perfect view over the Old Town and in the distance you will see Prague Castle. Photo:
Prague in one day
Just a stone throw from Powder tower you will find this relatively modern building. Believe it or not, it was built around the same time as Municipal House (1912) but in completely different style called cubism. Cubism was a progressive art movement at the beginning of the 20th century but only in Czech lands it evolved in something world unique – in architecture style. This bulding is called House at the Black Madona (you can see Black Madona at the corner of the building). My tip: go inside and look up through the stairs – what you gonna see is one of the most instagrammed spots in Prague.
Prague in one day
Standing in front of House at the Black Madona? Walk left, after 3 minutes you will reach this lovely theatre building called Estate Theatre (Stavovské divadlo). It´s definitely much better to go inside for a performance but since you only have limited time in Prague just remember that the wold premiere of Mozart´s Don Giovanni was performed here and conducted by Mozart himself (1787). Photo: Wikipedie
Prague in one day
Old Town Square is the heart of Old Town and therefore always super busy. Only in the morning it´s nice and empty. Here you will find the famous Astronomical clock, Old Town City Hall, Týn Church, St. Nicolas Church and Jan Hus memorial. Photo:
Prague in one day
Jewish quarter is a tiny and beautiful part Old Town. You will easily reach it right from Old Town Square for example through Pařížská street. In this picture you can see the oldest and most visited synagogue in Prague called Old New Synagogue. Early Gothic building from the end of the 13th century. Synagogues (and cemetery) in the Jewish quarter are open to public.
Prague in one day
Via Jewish quarter you will slowly reach Vltava river bank where you can enjoy the best views over the city.
Prague in one day
Charles bridge is open for free 24/7 and it´s connecting Old Town with Lesser Town. The bridge tower in this picture is open to public and I highly recommend going there. You will have a chance to take the best photos and avoid all the crowds (at least for a few minutes before you step on the bridge again).
Prague in one day
Kampa Island is a lovely green area close to Charles bridge. You can take a break here and enjoy a cold one for example at Kavárna Mlýnská which is located only 5 minutes from this water wheel. 
Prague in one day
John Lennon Wall is a little bit wild place, it looks more like a grafitti place for youngsters but it´s actualy very important Prague sight. My tip: don´t lean against the wall while taking pictures as you never know how fresh the paint is….Second tip: right behind the wall you can visit nice design shop called Artiseme.
Prague in one day
Only few month back Malostranské Square was one huge parking lot, now it´s a lovely apot where you can sit for a while before going to Prague Castle. You can either walk (uphill!!!) or take the cult tram number 22.
Prague in one day
Tram number 22 is the best options for how to get to the Castle district (Hradčany). Ticket machine is right inside the tram, you will pay with your contactless card. From Malostranské náměstí (Malostranské Square) you will take this tram to Pohořelec stop (aprox. 10 minutes ride). The ticket costs 30 CZK / person. Foto: Sabrina Mazzeo | Zdroj: Fotobanka Unsplash
Prague in one day
Once you get off the tram you can easily reach Loreta. Stunning Baroque complex and very important pilgrimage destination. If you happen to come here during the whole hour, you can listen to historical carilion located inside the bell tower, currently the biggest historical ecclesiastical carilion in Europe (27 bells). Just stand in front of the building and listen…Photo:
From Loreta walk left and downhill to explore the most picturesque part of the city called Nový svět (New World). 
Prague in one day.
From Nový Svět walk 10 minutes towards the main entrance to Prague Castle and enter it. St. Vitus Cathedral is part of Prague Castle, it´s standing on the 3rd court. Then you can explore the whole area of Prague Castle and easily walk downhill back to the city center or visit Letná beer garden and relax over a cold one.

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prague in one day

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