If you come to Prague it is always good to have enough cash with you. I wouldn´t say Prague is a cash city, however just for your personal comfort it is highly recommend to exchange at least a portion of your budget. You can either use any local (bank branded) ATM or stop at money exchange office. Just make sure you pick the right one. It is not always easy.

On August 1 last year I lounched Prague Behind The Scenes and…started to wait for my first client 🙂 Three weeks. The longest three weeks in my life full of doubts whether my business would ever attract someone.

Speaking about Czech cuisine can be a bit boring. It is a world wide known that Czech cuisine is unhealthy, vegetarian/cardiologist unfriendly but terribly tasty and always followed by pint of beer and change of your BMI. There are many of so called Czech restaurants around downtown Prague and it is sometimes really hard nut to find a good one, with nice food and pleasant service. The latter can be even more difficult. Prague locals usually don´t look up “typical Czech” places as they prefer to learn about flavours they don´t know much or prefer to taste something more unusual. So we explore. Sometimes real bizarreness.

This post is dedicated to Prague public transport. Subway, particularly. Subway, metro, underground, you can also call it “mole” in Prague. It is such a funny name for metro commonly used by kids or non-Prague residents. Locals never use it. It is something like a test – if you don´t mind using a word “mole” when talking about metro, you are not from Prague.